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Google Tips!

Google is the most used search engine on the internet.
It receives more than 200 million search queries a day.
At the busiest time of day Google answers more than 2,000 search queries per second.
Google has indexed over 3 billion web pages, and can search all these pages in less than half a second.

How to search
I would like to tell you a few things about how to use the search box. You might think that you only have limited options when you are searching, but that is not the case.


Basic search:
You can type in up to ten words in a normal search query; the first is counted as the most important then the second, and so on.

Exact phrase:
< You have probably noticed that all the listings you get are not as relevant as you wish. Using “quotation” marks on the search word or search words, brings back listings that contain the exact phrase.
Example: “financial freedom” will get you listings that contain that specific phrase, and not “freedom financial” or “financial independence”.


More specific:If you are searching for “financial freedom” and you get annoyed with all the “work from home” or “home based business” listings you get back you can eliminate that by using the – sign.
Example: “financial freedom”-“home based business” brings you back listings that contains “financial freedom” but not “home based business”

It also works the other way around: If you put in a + sign instead, Google brings you back all the sites that has “financial freedom” and “home based business” on their pages.


Specific Url`s (web addresses)
You can be even more specific and ask for only the pages which have your search word in their url.
Example: inurl:”financial freedom” brings you back listings that has that exact phrase in their address (url). It has to be written with no spaces between, or it brings you back a different result.

For certain domains
You can also search within one domain extension only, if you are looking for certain information, from a certain country or other extension.
Example: site:ws “financial freedom” brings you back all the listings of the extension .ws (Western Samoa) that has the words “financial freedom” on their site

Two search terms simultainiously:
Another thing you can do is to enter two search terms simultaneously:
Example: If you put in “financial freedom” OR “financial independence” will bring you back listings that contain either financial freedom or financial independence.

Search for synonyms
You can also search for synonyms by using the ~sign~
Example: ~financial freedom~ you get back listings that contain financial freedom and other listings that contain synonyms ex: bank, money, finance, mortgage, stocks etc.

Get a definition:
If you want to find pages that define a certain word or phrase, you can do that easily.
Example: If you write in define:money you get back a list of over 30 different sites that defines the word money.

You can use Google as a calculator by putting in the numbers and how you want them calculated.
Example: Putting in 3+3 and press enter or the “Search” button gives you the answer. Use – for subtracting, / for dividing and * for multiplying

Google does many, many other things, but it is too much to describe all of them so below I have made a list over a few other things that you might find useful. On the end you will find the link that takes you to a page where Google teaches you how to use these features.

Currency Conversion
News Headlines
(search for products for sale)
Book Search
(Movie reviews and show times)
I'm Feeling Lucky (go straight to the top listing of your search)
Similar Pages
Site Search
(site search lets you search within one site)
Spell Checker
(Questions & Answers)
Web Page Translation
(finds pages that links to a certain URL.
Cached Links
(picture of how a web page looked when Google indexed it.)
File Types
(search for certain file types PDF, PPT, MP3 etc.)
Stock Quotes
(live stock quotes)
Street Maps
(U.S. street maps.)
Travel Information
(U.S. airports)
Weather forecast
Local Search
(local businesses in U.S., the U.K., and Canada.)
Search By Number
(package tracking information, US patents, and a variety of online databases.


To get details on how to use these features, go to Google's help page:Google Help

Take some time to check out Google Labs to see what they are coming up with next:Google Labs

PS: I did not tell you about Gmail yet, Googles own web mail service. Gmail is fantastic and I am using it as my personal email. With Gmail you get over 2 gigabyte storage. That is 1000 times more then Hotmail, which gives you 2 megabyte. It has a search function so you can make keyword searches for emails in your archive. Gmail is still in beta, but if you want to have an account, use the contact form to send me a message and I send you an invitation.Contact form

Even Googles help pages only give you a brief description on how to use it. To get a real good explanation on how to use Google, buy the same book as I am using: Google: The Missing Manual

That book is easy to read and has simple explanations. It shows you all the features you most likely will use first, and then goes on to show you the in-depth details. If you want to make Google work fast and effective for you, this is a must read. There are no geeky language and technical terms when you get explained how to use Google. Great book. You can buy it on Ebay for as little as 9 dollars, click here to see: Google: The Missing Manual

If the site search did not find what you where looking for, you are welcome to ask me questions via the Contact form


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