Achieve total financial freedom

This section contains exercises and information on how to achieve total financial freedom.
It's a little bit of "do it yourself psychology" and it shows you different exercises you can use to work on yourself.

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To focus on how to achieve total financial freedom, visualisation techniques can be very helpful. Not just once in a while imagining and dreaming of where you want to be, but making it a regular practise every day.

The techniques are simple and easy to follow; you only need some persistence to keep on doing them.

To start with; picture yourself where you really would like to be in your life. Picture yourself in an ideal situation. How would it look? Would you have a lot of money, a big house, and a nice car? Or maybe you have a specific goal that you would like to achieve, like a certain job in a certain company. Maybe you even want to be the successful owner of your own business.

Make that picture very clear in your mind, and keep focusing on it. To help you keep your focus and to remind your self of your goal, you can make picture cards. Cut out pictures from magazines that represent your goals and stick them on a carton frame. Take a picture of yourself and include it on the same frame. This picture frame you hang on a place where you can see it often.

The same you can do with your goals in writing, write them on small cards the size of a credit card and carry them with you so you can remind yourself often.

You can also do this with your abundance affirmation sentences, (to learn more about abundance affirmations pls click here.) Write your favourite sentences on paper and hang them on the wall so you see them as often as possible. I have mine hanging over the door to my bedroom and over my working desk.

If you are serious about your wish to achieve total financial freedom and to work on yourself, then keep reading.

The techniques of visualization, setting goals and making clear plans, is a subject that needs more attention than this brief introduction I just gave you.

I am using a very good workbook that is a course in how to achieve total financial freedom. It is made by Darel Rutherford, and is called "The Money Solutions Workbook". The book contains the essence of what you need to know about creating wealth. The book contains a lot of practical exercises and is easy to read.

Darel Rutherford is a self-made millionaire who was not born rich, and has succeeded using the principles and exercises he is teaching.He can definetely teach you how to achieve total financial freedom.
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Self inquiry

If you want to learn how to achieve total financial freedom,it will benefit you to ask yourself the following three questions:

1. What is my motivation for wanting to achieve total financial freedom?

2. Why is it so difficult for me to achieve it?

3. How can I make it easier?


Write down all negative thoughts and associations concerning money, wealth and abundance.

Use some time and really let yourself feel and think and make sure you write it down. It's OK if you write things twice, just write what comes into your mind without judging it.

When you have written everything down, take a good look at all your negative thoughts and try to find out where they came from, and why you took them.

This is not to judge what has happened to you in the past. To be resentful and find someone to blame for your negative thought patterns will not bring you anywhere.

This is for you to become aware of how you are thinking about money and wealth. It is a first step in changing. You cannot jump over and skip this subject. It will just fire back on you at another time. Ideas and thoughts which get suppressed and blocked out will eventually surface again in one or another form and often will take you by surprise.

So just look, without judging yourself.

Then after looking at your list take the same amount of time to figure out if some of the beliefs/thoughts might still be of any use to you.

Then you look for the ideas/thoughts/beliefs that you want to let go of, the ones that you are sure will not benefit you any more. Look at each different belief and say Thank you for what you have done for me in my life, you were there because I needed you. Now I do not need you any more and I let you go forever.

Then breathe out and move on to the next one. This is the only little ritual you need to do. Next time the negative thought comes up you will be able to catch yourself and say: Aha! Here we go again, and simply change your thinking into positive thinking about money eg:I am allowed to have money, There is always enough money.(Read the section on Abundance Affirmations)

The next step for you is to look at the positive sides of money, wealth and abundance.

Take as much time as with your negative thoughts to figure out all your positive associations concerning money, wealth and abundance.

Take all your positive thoughts and go through them one by one. See how you can write them in short form as a positive statement. Then pick out the Top 5 you like the most, the ones you get most excited or energized from. Write them in a sequence of priority 1 to 5. Then write these five positive statements on a sheet of paper that you will see very often e.g. above your desk, on a pin board or on the fridge. You can also write them on a small card that you put in your wallet.

This is to remind yourself that this is the new direction you want to go. Doing this to Achieve Total Financial Freedom can seem like a waste of time in the start. You think that you use your time to work, instead of trying to change the way you are thinking.

I say this again, your thoughts create your reality, no matter if you like it or not. If you want to Achieve Total Financial Freedom then learn how to take charge of your thinking. If not, you can keep on overworking yourself and wonder why it is so difficult to make money.

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