Keys to Success by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hills’s Keys to Success

Keys to success is a small and short book in which Napoleon Hill teaches his success philosophy. The essence of the success philosophy is the 17 principles of success. Hill worked a whole lifetime on his success philosophy and did teach it in many forms. One of the most famous that you might know is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ with its 13 steps to riches.

Hill continuously refined and improved on the success philosophy and Keys to Success is the latest form the philosophy has taken. The book was finished by the Napoleon Hill Foundation after Napoleon Hill passed away and was first published in 1994.

The background of Hill’s philosophy was the interviews he did with over 500 of the most successful business people in America in the early 1900’s. He interviewed them to analyze why and what made them successful. Upon this analysis Hill assembled the success philosophy.

Many known business people attribute their success to Hill’s success philosophy. Keys to Success is written in a straight forward way and has short chapters dealing with each step.

It is all very practical and tells you what to do and how to do it point by point. You do not have to be very philosophic to benefit from this philosophy. It is actually much better if you are the practical type which likes to act on good advice instead of just thinking about how good the advice was.

If you are planning to start a business, or you would like to achieve success in your current business, get the book. It is a very little investment that can make a very large difference.

The book will give you great tools to examine yourself and see where you are at according to the different success principles. Even if you only adopt one idea into your life, it is well worth the short time it takes to read it.

Keys to Success is not only for people who are running their own business, but also for the ones who are employed buy others. The success principles are universal and they are relevant to anyone who wants to achieve success. Even if you want to achieve success in areas that are not related to business or money making, the book is great.

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