How you can build a website without any previous computerskills

If you find the Internet interesting and want to know a bit more about how you can build a website without any previous computer knowledge, then take 5 minutes and let me tell you how I could do it.

I am using an all in one site building tool that is called Site Build It! (SBI) SBI enabled me to build a website that looks professional without having to know anything about website building from before.

The only knowledge I needed was to be able to use an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox etc. and how to read e-mail.

When I first started to use SBI, 4 months ago, I had no idea on how to build a website. I started to read the handbook of SBI , and I thought “WOW!, I would have paid the 300 dollars just to get this book!” (300 dollars is the price of a one year subscription to SBI and it includes everything, and I mean absolutely everything you will need to build a website. Look further down on the page for all the features included in the price)

The same book I would have paid 300 dollars for when I was completely new to this, I offer you to download here for free! The book is packed full of information on how to succeed on the internet and how to build a website of your own.(You will find it on the bottom of the page)

Why am I giving it away for free? Because I know it contains the most valuable information you can get if you want to build a website. And, yes, you can take all that knowledge and use it for going somewhere else to find a “Cheap and Easy” way to build a website.

But I know that this will be a more frustrating and difficult experience, than to use SBI. Hopefully you get so frustrated with the “Quick and Easy”, that you think; “I should have tried this SBI thing; I could just have cancelled and claimed the 300 dollars back if I did not like it”. And then you will come back here and get yourself an SBI subscription for your new site.

There is of course the risk that you will not come back, but I am not worried, SBI is a fantastic product, and has over 100 000 subscribers worldwide. So SBI sells anyway, simply because it is the best product you can use if you are a newbie and you want to build a website.

With SBI you do not have to take care of any of the technical stuff at all, SBI does it for you. You get all the tools and functions you need to build, design and promote your site, and you get the domain name and the hosting included.

Trying to explain all the advantages with SBI is difficult because it is so many, and I am still discovering new features as I keep on using SBI.

The easiest way I can explain it is like this: When I am building and working with my site I come across questions and tasks that seem difficult. Then, when I am looking for answers and solutions I suddenly realize; AHA! SBI thought of this before me. And then I can relax, and keep on focusing on what is important for me and my site: Creating good quality content and finding fresh interesting information that people like.

That is my job, SBI does the rest.

Below here you find a list of features that is included when you choose to build a website with SBI:

And even more features that will help you build a website of top quality.

Private Forums
The best help you can get to build a website
The single best small business, help-and-be-helped, resource in the world. Over 60 forums cover every conceivable business-building subject. This extraordinary community of motivated "work smarter and harder" small business people is "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion." Constantly NEW... new forums include Other Infopreneur Monetization Models and Brainstorm It!. Private posts by Ken Evoy add up-to-date strategies for SBI! owners only.

Private Tips 'n Techniques HQ
No need to read endless e-zines. This HQ is constantly updated with new and important info, old information deleted. Constantly NEW... the best posts from the forums, top new articles by Ken Evoy, every important new development... it's all here.

Private Resources HQ
This HQ provides "Consumer-Reports-style" best-of-breed recommendations on specialized third party tools, saving you time and money.

Image/Shopping/Local Search HQ
Up-to-date information on these specialized ways of searching, and how to get the most out of them.

Search It!
More than 100 powerful, advanced searches in 20 categories, from brainstorming to monetization. Constantly NEW... Search It! updates old searches and adds brand new ones, such as best searches for excellent information and images that you can use for free and a real head-knocking/brainstormer. The ultimate e-commerce searching machine.

New Look & Feel Templates
The best professional looking templates you can build a website with.
Whatever your site, SBI! has you covered with a wide range of customizable templates. We've just added more.

New Look & Feel Tools
Don't know PhotoShop? Our through-the-browser graphic software has added a full range of colors, fonts, textures, and effects.

Now you can blog and RSS through SBI!.

MSN Search
< Submitting /
Spider-Tracking /
Resubmitting /
SBI! does more than "submit." It tracks all spider visits. It checks that your pages are indexed. It re-submits, but only if it needs to, and only within engine tolerances.

SBI! reports rankings, too. And it does all this for all your pages... no extra charge. No other service does ALL this.

This unique process is constantly updated. Recently, despite MSN's graphic-challenge submission requirements, SBI! applied its full submission-to-ranking process for MSN Search (as well as Google, Yahoo! Search, and other major regional engines). SBI! users rank highly at MSN's new engine. Actually, they rank highly at all of them.

NEW! Spam 'n Virus Blast It! (SVBI!)
SVBI! ("Fortress SBI!") is the best-of-breed, state-of-the-Net complete protection system against spam and viruses. The perfect blend of automation and manual control, there is simply no better, hassle-free protection on the Net.

NEW! Name Park It! (NPI!)
There are four strong, basic reasons to park a domain (planned later use, protection of main domain, redirects, and "accidental traffic)." The $9.95 per-domain fee includes domain-redirects and unlimited subdomain-redirects. No additional purchase or hosting required.

NEW! 60 More Site Templates
No design skills at all? NO problem! Pick a pre-built look-and-feel, add your name, and you're up and running! Customize as much as you like. (Of course, if you are a professional Webmaster/graphic designer, you can upload your own HTML and PhotoShop delights!))

BRAND NEW! Brainstorm It!
The new Brainstorm It! must be used to be believed. In the meantime, take a quick peek.

BRAND NEW! Google Sitemaps SBI!
owners are now automatically submitting their entire sites through Google's new Sitemaps program. How much time, energy and money does it cost to update and re-submit their Sitemap XML document every time they update their sites? Nothing, the SBI! package includes everything.

COMING! Monetize It!
A revolution in Pay-Per-Click is coming. Monetize It! provides all the tools to buy low and sell high at Google AdWords/AdSense and Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture).

SBI not only helps you build a website, but also give you all the tools you need to succeed.

So as you see it is quite something you get for the price of 300 dollars per year.

If you want to have a closer look at SBI, then click on the link that seems the most interesting to you:

If you are new to the internet and you feel insecure about what concept/subject to choose when you build a website, click here:
Easy explanation of SBI

If you have little time and want a quick introduction in pictures, click here: Quicktour of SBI

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Compare SBI with similar services

If you would like to see documented proof that SBI sites are succeeding on the internet then click here:
Proof of SBI

A quick introduction to the concept of CTPM
What is the CTPM process?

Oh! I almost forgot about the book worth 300 dollars I promised you!
It is just below here in a PDF file you can download easy. Right click on the link and choose "Save target as" if you want to save it on your computer, or just click on it to open it. The SBI Action Guide

Contact me.
Whenever you have a question or you want some more 1st. hand knowledge and experience on how to use SBI, feel free to contact me. I am happy to tell you everything about it.

Remember this: I am a very, very happy user of this product and I am convinced that I am using the absolutely best product there is. I am not a sales representative that is trying to trick you into something. I own two subscriptions myself and I have two friends that are busy with building their own sites with SBI on my recommendation. When the sites are ready, I will give you the link here.

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