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"Success is the completion of anything intended". Darel Rutherford

Financial Freedom Guaranteed with Darel Rutherford

I am using a very good workbook that is a course in financial freedom guaranteed. It is made by Darel Rutherford, and is called "The Money Solutions Workbook". The book contains the essence of what you need to know about creating wealth. The book contains a lot of practical exercises and is easy to read.
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Darel Rutherford is a self-made millionaire who was not born rich, and has succeeded using the principles and exercises he is teaching.

Here is the story of Darel Rutherford:

In business for himself most of his life, Darel Rutherford learned, the hard way, the success secrets he now teaches.

And in the process of using those same principles to solve business problems, he became wealthy.

On that hard path to success, he soon realized that the laws of success he was now using to create wealth were actually the rules of life, spiritual principles that would work for anyone and under any and all circumstances.

Darel, assuming that he had made some new fresh awesome discovery of truth, made it his responsibility to pass those spiritual truths along to anyone ready to listen.

One day, while enthusiastically sharing his philosophy of life with his insurance agent, the man said, "Yeah, my wife belongs to that church." And Darel responded with, "What church?, I didn't know there was a church or anyone else out their who believed as I did."

Later, as a Science of Mind Practitioner, teaching Science of Mind Classes, Darel realized that his class students were not applying the principles in their lives in a way that made them any richer. That's when he began writing his first book, So, Why Aren't You Rich?

You'll find his messages profound, but his success secrets simple, easy to understand and apply to your daily living. Darel, an 81 year old self-made millionaire, son of a carpenter, was not born rich, but has been income rich most of his life. His first income came from selling the Denver Post at the tender age of five.

Two years later, pulling his little red wagon up and down the back alleys of down-town Albuquerque, Darel became the city's youngest junk man. As a seven-year-old, collecting empty beer bottles for the deposit, he made so much money; his father made him buy all his own clothes.

While in High School he sported a Model A Ford Coupe which he bought with his own money. Then, fresh out of High School, he became a carpenter's apprentice--following that trade all the way to becoming a construction foreman.

His first venture into serious business began when he quit the construction foreman job to go into business for himself. And because his construction know how did not prepare him for running a business, his learning of the success secrets really began here.

In those first years in business, he made every mistake you can make, but each mistake became a learning experience. So, one of the success principles he'll pass on to you is that you can succeed at anything if you learn what doesn't work and stop doing it, as long as you also learn what does work, and keep doing it.

"Or you can be even smarter than me," he says, "and learn from my mistakes."

The business he started in 1949, DAR Tile Company, grew to over 100 employees. As the business grew, he bought land and built the buildings needed to support his growing business.

You might say Darel has been rich all his life, but his road to wealth began the day he bought his first income property. Darel says you're wealthy when the income from your investments will allow you to live comfortably the rest of your life without working.

• His Prosperity Workshops started a great many participants on their way toward becoming rich.

• His Business Success Workshops changed small business owners' attitudes about money and made them successful.

• As a Business Consultant, he helped many a small business men to see that they were their own biggest problem.

• Darel is a published author who writes How-To-Succeed-in-Business articles for magazines.

• He conducts Why Aren't You Rich Workshops for anyone who is ready for that transformation in consciousness that will change the quality of their life forever.

Darel says everyone would be rich if they really believed they had a choice in the matter. If you're not truly convinced that you could be rich, the Money Solutions Workbook will make a believer out of you, taking you by the hand to lead you beyond wanting to be rich to the point of choosing to be richer in all ways, including you achieving financial freedom guaranteed.

The first step toward having what you want from life would be for you to choose to be the one who has it. It's that simple; if you want to be rich, just choose to be!

The second step is taken when you learn how to deal with your resistance to the idea of your being rich.

You can be rich only after you give up the reasons why you are not already rich.

You may never be rich if you continue to believe that having money makes one evil.

You couldn't allow yourself to be one of the bad guys.

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