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The Rich Jerk Review

Finally, after thinking about it for long time I made a move and got The Rich Jerk ebook myself.

After reading many reviews and hearing the opinions of different people I decided that it was time to check it out.

The book is packed full of to-the-point advice.

It cuts out clear strategies of how to make money online, and makes the strategies easy to follow.

The book just got an update (March 2006) where there is a whole section dedicated to people that are new to making money online.

So if you have read previous reviews where beginners where advised not to buy the book, you might want to reconsider.

In my opinion this last added chapter aimed at beginners makes the book very useful even if you are beginner.


Some people have criticized The Rich Jerk for promoting unethical methods like cloaking. When I read the book he made his reasons for why he uses cloaking, and I thought that they where fair enough, even if I have no plans of implementing this method myself.

In an own chapter he explains his most effective way of using the PPC’s for driving traffic, and there was quite a few secrets that I myself neither had thought of or heard of before.

Another impressive chapter is where he outlines how to make it big on buying products wholesale and selling on eBay. This is a chapter that is extensively covered and contains much of the Jerk’s resources that he is using or has used.

He also describes ‘How to create affiliate websites that sells like crazy’.

That chapter shows how it is possible to start making money straight away with affiliate websites. He gives many tips and strategies that are well worth implementing and I will for sure use them on my own sites.

The other chapters are on SEO, Adsense and Adwords, Creating and selling info products, Other online ventures to consider, plus a resource section where The Rich Jerk recommends resources he uses himself.

As a bonus there is a keyword list of high paying Adsense keywords. This is a downloadable spreadsheet which contains 48.858 keywords/phrases ranging from 70$ to 1$ bids per click.

The list is updated regularly, and is a great recourse for the ones who want to make money with Adsense.

I sincerely liked the book and I highly recommend it to people interested in making money online.

The book is right now on an offer for 49$ and that is very cheap if you ask me, the book normally sells at 97$, and has been as high as 199$.

Personally I regret not buying the book earlier because then I would have been quite a few steps further then I am now.

If you are serious about making money online, take the time to check out the book now.

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