Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad gives you the basic education about money that you should have received in school.

Robert Kiyosaki teaches in the simplest way possible about the differences of assets and liabilities and how a balance sheet works.

He also teaches the basics of real estate and investing.

The book is very educational and fun to read because he tells it like a story and it is definitely not like reading a book in school.

He explains financial concepts in a way full of life and excitement by replacing the numbers with pictures and metaphors.

In the start of the book he tells the story of his two dads. The one was his real dad which was highly educated and the one he calls his “Poor Dad”. The other was his best friend’s dad, which was an entrepreneur with very little school education. He was the on he calls his “Rich Dad”

He learned from both but he is sharing the struggle he had as a kid to choose between the two very different ways of dealing with money.

He chose to learn from the “Rich Dad” and it is his teachings and principles Robert Kiyosaki is passing on to us. His “Rich Dad” became one of the richest men in Hawaii by building up his own company.

I learned a lot of basics in the book, and I will definitely use it again.

I warmly recommend this book to anyone who likes to get the basic’s right.

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