Million Dollar Habits by Brian Tracy

In the beginning of the book Million Dollar Habits, Brian Tracy says that if you do what successful people do, you will eventually get the same results.

It is not a matter of luck, and what successful people do; anyone can do. He explains that the main difference between successful people and unsuccessful people are their habits.


And again, these million dollar habits can be learned.

He gives a clear 7 step formula of how to create a new habit. The step by step plan to create the Million Dollar Habits is not complicated, but needs a bit of self discipline. He says that a new positive habit can be learned in as short time as 14 to 21 days!

This is very encouraging, but he makes sure the reader understand that it takes determination and persistence. He does not at any point give you the illusion that this is easy and will happen by it self just by reading the book. He only says that the process of learning a new habit is not complicated; you just need to follow the steps.


He covers a variety of subjects in the book, not only million dollar habits. He also teaches the habits of successful relating, and the habits of good health and well being. There is one chapter on how to get paid more and promoted faster, one on marketing and sales success, one on personal effectiveness and one on the habits of top businesspeople.

On the end of each chapter he summarizes the advice in 5 to 8 action steps that you can take to learn the new habits.

I expected the book to be making big promises with a loud voice, but I found Brian Tracy’s voice to be consistent and careful about stating other things than proven facts. He is many places in the book referring to well know psychologists and authors to verify his statements.

I am impressed by the thorough and detailed scientific approach of the book, but more impressed that he makes it easy and exiting to read.

The only negative thing I can say about the book is that it can seem a bit strict and not giving any room for compromises. Brian Tracy does not give you any “slack”. But again, this is my personal opinion; you might have a different one. Overall I have no doubt that this is a great book, well worth reading. You will probably find tips and advice you can use.

For myself I immediately picked up advice on personal effectiveness that I started to use straight away.

I will read this book again.

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