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The article: Finding Financial Freedom by Cris Widener

Do you ever get this in your email box: Find Financial Freedom! Make $150,000 from home in the next 90 days! How about 10 times a day? Every time I get one of these, I think to myself, "Hmmm, Financial Freedom. I already have financial freedom, even though it doesn't look like what these emails promise me."

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The article: What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?
by Mal Keenan.

Most working people dream of this thing called financial freedom. It certainly sounds like something we'd all want. But have you ever stopped to really think about what it means? It can mean different things to different people, so before you spend time looking for it, maybe it's worthwhile to examine what the concept really means to you. After all, it's hard to find something if you don't know exactly what it is!

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"The underlying belief system"

Many of us do not consider the underlying belief system about money to be of any importance. You think it does not matter, because what matters is what you do now. Right, at one level, but not complete. All ideas that we have learned about money in the past are colouring our actions today. Click here to read "The underlying belief system"


"Abundance Affirmations"

The affirmation is a powerful tool that you can use to change your life. It is a statement that you are repeating over and over again till it becomes a part of your truth. The positive affirmation becomes more powerful when it is stated with a feeling behind it.

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Life is not a competition. Not at all. Life itself is abundant and rich and overflowing. Take a look at a tree full of ripe fruits or a field full of grain. Just by looking at it, it makes you feel rich and abundant. And you feel that there is more than enough for everybody. But usually the abundant mentality stops there. Click here to read the article "Competition"

Article 4:

"The feelings behind"

To grow your emotional awareness will benefit you a lot. That will also invite more people into your life, more people mean more energy, and people also represent opportunities - opportunities of friendship, of love, and of business and work relationships.

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