Home based business ideas

If you are looking for home based business ideas and advice on how to get started, you might want to consider the options below.


There are many ways to start with a home based business and there are many opportunities to do different work online. There will both be mentioned opportunities that does require you to have your own website, and opportunities where you do not need a website.

For information on how to build a website, go here: Build a website

There are a few scams out there to watch out for, but there are many good legitimate opportunities as well.

For more information on scams:

All the programs mentioned in the list below have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

List of programs:

2 PaidSurveysOnline

This is a work from home opportunity that does not require you to do anything else then being able to access the internet. You do not need to build a website and you do not have to make a long term commitment to building a business. You can do this as an extra job on evenings instead of watching TV, or you can do it as a full time job.

This program is NOT country specific and it applies to people anywhere in the world.

The site has a great FAQ section that probably will answer most of your questions.

PaidSurveysOnline offers you opportunities to: *Take online surveys – Get paid $5 to $75 per survey *Participate in online focus groups – Get paid $50 to $150 per hour *Try new products - keep the products and get paid for trying them *Preview movie trailers – Get paid $4 to $25 per hour

At the moment they are including some other ‘Paid to’ programs as a bonus:
Get paid to drive
Get paid to read emails
Get paid to pass out free samples

Learn more about this opportunity here: PaidSurveysOnline

3 Data Entry Jobs

This system gives you the opportunity to do traditional data entry jobs which is filling in data manually into forms, doing transcription work, answering telephones or other types of simple work. This is like being a home based secretary of a company, and you do not need to commute. Pays 8$ to 15$ per hour.

This program also offers you a bit of an untraditional business opportunity as a 2nd option if you are interested. That option is selling products for a commission for other companies via advertising networks. This can pay substantially more then the traditional data entry work, if you become an expert.

Learn more about this opportunity here: Data Entry Jobs

4 Buying whole sale and selling on eBay auctions and online stores

This business opportunity offers you wholesale prices on a range of products that you can sell via auctions, online stores, regular mail order, classified ads or in your own shop. You do not need to set up a website to do this, but it can be a good idea.

Prices for online stores starts at as low as 6.95$ per month at ProStores.com. Well worth to check out. The easiest would be to sell on auction sites like eBay, but all the above mentioned methods are good. Even selling products at a discount price to friends and colleagues can make you quite some money.

Learn more about this opportunity here:Wholesale Directoy

5 Multiple Streams of Income System

This system includes all the above mentioned like data entry jobs, selling products via an online store, advertising affiliate products, and forex investing systems.

The difference with this program is that the online store is run via drop shipping so you never have to touch any of the products you sell. You do not have to process orders or do customer service. You only have to advertise your shop, and get customers.

The Forex trading system can maybe sound complicated but this is a very common way of making money online. It is a currency exchange system that can be implemented by anyone. You do not need large funds to start.

Learn more about this opportunity here: Multiple Streams of Income System

6 Multi Profit Website

I have to mention this opportunity here, because it is dead simple and do not require any web knowledge or programming skills whatsoever. It also does not require you to do much more then an initial set up, and the site will run by itself. Actually it is more like it is run by Dave.

The site is made to be fully automated and will bring affiliate income from eBay and ClickBank plus advertising revenue from Google’s Adsense program. There are many ways to customize this shop, and it will not take you more then a few ClickBank sales to cover the cost.

Even if you do not make any sales in the start, most of these websites bring in a bit of advertising revenue from Adsense and within a few months the small setup fee should be covered by itself.

Even if you do not plan to buy it, go and check out the nice introduction video.

Learn more about this opportunity here:Multi Profit Website


Home based business ideas