Personal Financial Freedom

This page will give you tips and advice on how to achieve
personal financial freedom by budgeting, saving and spending money wisely.

If you are like me, like to have personal financial freedom, but also like to spend money without having to worry you will benefit from this page!

When we are planning to achieve personal financial freedom there are a few simple strategies that need to be followed.

1 Make a full overview over your income and expenses

2 Make a budget of how to spend your income

3 Follow that budget and spend less then you earn

4 Stop all impulsive buying (Only make purchases you have planned)

5 Postpone major buying decisions

6 Save a set sum of money every time you receive a pay check

7 Pay off debts, pay off the most expensive first

8 Create additional income streams

There are numerous ways you can build your personal financial freedom but these are some basics that everyone will benefit from.

To go a bit deeper into the different points mentioned above, please choose one of the articles:

1 How to make a budget

2 Saving money

3 Financial planning

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If you like to learn practical ways to achieve personal financial freedom, I recommend the same workbook as I use.

It contains all the information and knowledge you need to change from poverty mentality, to prosperity mentality. The book is very simple and gives you a lot of practical exercises. You will learn more about your way of spending and saving money.

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The book has very good and simple advice on how to reach personal financial freedom,and has many practical exercises you can do.

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