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Brian Tracy is a recognised teacher and motivational speaker both International and in America. He gives sales trainings and business coaching to many people worldwide. He is famous for teaching people how to become millionaires.

He says that if you do what successful people do, you will get the same results. It is not a matter of luck, and what successful people do; anyone can do

He says that most millionaires started of broke and built their fortunes from nothing.

According to him there are 7 million millionaires in the world today and this number is rapidly increasing. In America alone, there was at the turn of the last century, (1900) about 5000 millionaires. This number has increased 1000 times and was at the turn of this century (2000) 5 million millionaires.


Brian Tracy claims that the largest part of these millionaires are self made, and that the skills, systems and strategies they have can be learned by anyone. 74% of these millionaires are entrepreneurs, 10% are well paid employees (executives etc.), 10% are self employed (Doctors, Lawyers etc.), 5% are sales people, and 1% are others (rock stars, actors, authors etc).

Brian Tracy does not teach a way to “get rich quick”. He also does not make a hype or unrealistic promises about the effect his book and programs will have on you. The effect is determined by you. I love his writings and audio programs because they are to the point, simple and straight forward.

Book review

Million Dollar Habits

Audio program review

Make A Million

Articles by Brian Tracy

Increasing Your Earning Potential

In this article Brian Tracy points out the importance of continuously improving your skills and knowledge since this is the most important factors in your earning potential. He says that skills and knowledge in any field is doubling every 3 to 5 years, and that you need to do the same just to stay even. He introduces The Law of Three which says that you have to bring in 3 dollars of income for every 1 dollar you receive in salary from your company. On the end of the article he gives practical tips on how to increase your earning potential.

Think Like a Millionaire

In this article Brian Tracy explains the difference between extremely successful people and un-successful people. He gives advice on how develop the two most important abilities of millionaires; the ability to delay gratification and the ability to think in a long term perspective.

Develop a Prosperity Consciousness

In this article Brian Tracy talks about the importance of developing a prosperity consciousness. He says that it is the starting point of all riches and that you need to develop this before you will be able to achieve prosperity in real life. He also introduces The Law of Expectation which says that all you expect eventually will happen. On the end he gives practical tips on how to develop a prosperity consciousness.

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