Brian Tracy Audio Program Review

Review of Brian Tracy’s Make a Million! CD.

Brian Tracy is a recognised teacher both International and in America. He gives sales trainings and business coaching to many people worldwide. On this CD he explains how anyone who wants can become a millionaire.

He says that most millionaires started of broke and built their fortunes from nothing.

He shortly talks about his background from labouring jobs, via straight commission sales, to becoming an entrepreneur and building his own business. This is very inspiring and gives a good perspective on how much effort one has to put in to become financially independent.



According to him there are 7 million millionaires in the world today and this number is rapidly increasing. In America alone, there was at the turn of the last century, (1900) about 5000 millionaires. This number has increased 1000 times and was at the turn of this century (2000) 5 million millionaires.

Brian Tracy claims that the largest part of these millionaires are self made, and that the skills, systems and strategies they have can be learned by anyone. 74% of these millionaires are entrepreneurs, 10% are well paid employees (executives etc.), 10% are self employed (Doctors, Lawyers etc.), 5% are sales people, and 1% are others (rock stars, actors,authors etc). He outlines the basic rules of how to become a millionaire, and 7 qualities that self made millionaires have. He also lists up the 7 major reasons that people do not become millionaires.

Other subjects covered: The definition of wealth, How to set goals, How to start and run a business, How to calculate your net worth, Real estate investment strategies, Stock market investment strategies. The 5 C’s the Banks check when you ask them for money.

This is not a “get rich quick” program. I like the way he talks and explains because it is to the point, simple and straight forward. The CD is not a sales commercial for his other programs or courses, and I felt it was great value for the money. One track on the end is dedicated to promoting his trainings, but for the rest there is no promotion.

He does not make a hype or unrealistic promises about the effect the program will have on you. The effect is determined by how you implement all the practical tips and strategies he gives. You can get the CD for free, but you have to pay a Shipping and Handling fee.

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